some work from the 90's

Euclid's Straight Line (on a torus)
Locally Cartesian Coordinates (on a torus)
A Flat Band (constructed with the aid of a torus)

A Self-Intersecting Shell

A Deformation (with stretching)
A Deformation (without stretching)

(0) Preserving Work (the last and first page)

Mercury and Suns
Of Cones, Curvature, and Black Holes

Absolute Calculus

A Brief History of Electricity
Maker of Names
Count on Your Fingers (not on your thumbs)

paineia technas katergazetai

I have a friend from Greece who owns a restaurant, and I like his cappuccino. I went one morning for cappuccino and his machine was not working. So he found another way to make the cappuccino so I would not be disappointed. He told me it was paineia technas katergazetai, and he explained that this was an ancient Greek expression. I have a copy of Liddell and Scott's ancient Greek to English Lexicon, and I used it to find the following words:

- to be poor

- art, skill, cunning of hand, the way whereby a thing is gained.

- effect by labor, to achieve, accomplish

This website is paineia technas katergazetai.

some favorite thoughts

Sir Thomas Heath on World War I
Apology & Republic & Cratylus