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Child's Play etc
My work of a few years (1994 through 2003) led me to look at The Real Number System as a SMALL ORAL TRADITION - which I call The Spoken Reals. Classical Tensor Analysis is a big oral tradition - which I call Oracle's Writing in the Earth. Note that, in speech, we can not tell oracle's from oracles - but both apply. My play of a few weeks (May through July 2008) led me to learn to recite the elements of the periodic table.

Applied Mathematics with Chess
My project is classical tensor analysis studied privately both as an end in itself and for its computer implementation. The latter purpose is for the solution of very difficult systems of differential equations. These systems occur in such fields as space physics and cell biology. It is very gratifying to be able to cite two such divergent fields as applications of a single body of mathematics. Space physics has been mentioned because of the influence on my work of the Centre for Space Physics at the University of Newcastle Australia. In their field, the Navier-Stokes fluid flow equations are combined with Maxwell's equations. Cell biology has been mentioned because of a research group I visited with a friend a few years ago at the University of Connecticut in the USA. Through their work on virtual cells we saw Navier-Stokes combined with diffusion.
My Laplacian Surprise : Overview, Details
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Classical Tensor Analysis : Journal 2
Sokolnikoff's Non-liniear Continuum Mechanics : Journal 3
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Just for Fun :92 Times - 8 Queens on the Chess Board

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